Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Grand-Daddy of all Pirate Play Ships in KY

Here are some pics of Mike and Penny's place in Louisville, Ky just a couple months ago. This family was great and there are alot of 'em! They opted for the whole She-Bang...all the upgrades including the Birds Nest and 100 ft Zip Line! This was the most challenging project we've done to date because of the extreme heat we had to endure. Issac Garcia came with me on this one and I think I just nearly killed him dead...I'm glad we both survived to tell about this one : )

In these pics you'll see the awesome black Ship with the Birds Nest on the main mast, a launching pad for the overhead zip line that starts on the Ship and lands 100 ft down hill (killer!), and also the view from the ship up to the newly installed pool. These folks know how to do it right...they even have a rockin' sand volleyball court to go with it all. I think I may have to go stay with them for a few days just for a retreat! Mike and Penny were great and we've got tentative plans to build a "Swiss Family Robinson" type tree village down by their creek one day! Can't wait...and I can't wait for more Pizza, Mike!

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