Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Grand-Daddy of all Pirate Play Ships in KY

Here are some pics of Mike and Penny's place in Louisville, Ky just a couple months ago. This family was great and there are alot of 'em! They opted for the whole She-Bang...all the upgrades including the Birds Nest and 100 ft Zip Line! This was the most challenging project we've done to date because of the extreme heat we had to endure. Issac Garcia came with me on this one and I think I just nearly killed him dead...I'm glad we both survived to tell about this one : )

In these pics you'll see the awesome black Ship with the Birds Nest on the main mast, a launching pad for the overhead zip line that starts on the Ship and lands 100 ft down hill (killer!), and also the view from the ship up to the newly installed pool. These folks know how to do it right...they even have a rockin' sand volleyball court to go with it all. I think I may have to go stay with them for a few days just for a retreat! Mike and Penny were great and we've got tentative plans to build a "Swiss Family Robinson" type tree village down by their creek one day! Can't wait...and I can't wait for more Pizza, Mike!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The Walden" Play Set

Greenville N.C., Great New Friends, & Some Dang Good Grub!

PPS just returned from the great state of North Carolina after building a massive oversized ship for the Harper Family in Greenville, a small eastern town about 1 hr from the coast. 10 y/o Tyrone got quite a surprise as he started to see the huge boat take shape in his own backyard and he instantly bonded with it. Before you knew it he had his big fire truck and other cool stuff up on the deck of the ship while we were still hard at work!
We really had a great time with Tiffaney, Andre, and the whole family who we got to know during our five day stay. Too bad we sent Tiffaney to the Hospital!...Sometimes our work is so impressive that we just send folks into shock...sorry about that! : ) I've never really visited N.C. and I have to say I was impressed! Mostly I loved the people...and their accent, very unique! Thanks to Tiffaney for giving us a try and we hope we've lived up to everything she expected. She sent me home with a huge serving of their famous pulled pork and lots of other good stuff...That really get me on down the road! Oh, and a big thanks to Shawn for helping us build the ship...great job man! Here are a few pictures from our time in Greenville...and yes, we'll be back : )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jenna's 10th B-Day on the New Ship - Biloxi, MS

Here are some sweet pictures sent by the Robinson Family in D'Iberville (close to Biloxi) MS of the Pirate Birthday Party they had a day after we finished their Huge Ship! It didn't take long for us to find out that these folks are serious about the Pirate Life...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pirate Play Ships Builds Neptunes Trousers in Biloxi, MS

We had a great time meeting Paul, Toni, Michelle, and Jenna Robinson down on the Bayou! We arrived Tuesday night late and got going in the morning while dodging a little rain here and there. The weather the rest of the time was just gorgeous...We just really enjoyed creating this work of art in the cool breeze and sunshine! This family is all about Pirate stuff and the ship fit perfect as a new member of the krewe! They had planned a huge Pirate birthday party weeks ago and just had to have a "Big" Pirate Ship in the yard to kick it off! They will have lots of years of fun on this one and we had a blast building it. Here are some pics from our time there. The family will get me some pics to post of them on the ship after Mardi Gras is over! : ) Oh, and thanks again, Toni, for the beads...the kids love 'em!

We actually finished up at 10 P.M. Friday night...This is the pic I got right before we left!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pirate Play Ships Goes to Greenbrier AR

Pirate Play Ships has just returned from Greenbrier, AR this past week where we built a "Big" ship for the Deal family. Little Thompson, 3, will have a very Merry Christmas with this custom built play ship in his own backyard. We'll post pics soon of the family playing on the boat as they send them to us! We had a tent set up for this project and wouldn't you know the ice storm of the century hit Arkansas just as we began building! We were prepared and finished the ship in four days flat. The Deal family was great and we really enjoyed the taco's and hot chocolate! Here are a few pics of the process.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sam Smith Reacts to His New Pirate Ship Flag!

Above is a drawing that Sam did for me when he found out he was getting a Pirate Ship.
We tried to follow his detailed plans as best we could! We're still looking for a crab that
big if anyone knows where to find one. Here's how his Ship turned out...

Sam is the coolest Pirate Kid we've ever met and wins the honor of being
Pirate Play Ships Super Pirate for 2008!

Below is a video of his reaction to seeing the flag put up one day after school.